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Stuthof Camp, Poland

"There we parted from Mother"

Stutthof, Poland

The train halted beside the Baltic Sea, in a beautiful area near the city of Gdansk in Poland.

The women and children were taken off. They entered the camp. Some of them were immediately sent to their deaths, and some of them were sent to be exterminated in Birkenau several days later. Others were forced to work until they were murdered or died because of the harsh conditions. This was the place in which the boys from Kovno were separated from their mothers, sisters and little brothers. A hasty parting, which for the majority continued forever. From there the boys continued on with their fathers to Landsberg camp in Germany.

Kaddish for their mother – the children of the group from then – now fathers and grandfathers – reading Kaddish at the place where they last saw their mothers, brothers and sisters.

Photographed during a ceremony held by the group on the spot, against the background of the memorial monument in Stutthof, September 1999

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Extermination media: Photographed in Stutthof, 1999.

Gas chamber One crematorium in the crematoria building


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