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Warsaw exhibition
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International Visitors to the GFHM

We were happy to welcome numerous international visitors to the museum in the past few months.  In early fall, a number of youth from two different German schools visited their counterparts here in Israel and were involved in a seminar viewing the perspectives of memory at the Ghetto Fighters’ House.  One group came from Hermannswerder and the other from Monheim.

We also hosted a day-long seminar for educators from the Memorial de la Shoah in Paris, learning about educational methods for teaching the Holocaust.  Another seminar group from China participated in a program through our on-going cooperation with Yad Vashem.  Two Spanish-speaking seminars were Dror Youth Leaders from Argentina and another from the Mofet Institute dealing with Leadership in the Holocaust. 

Other international visits included the Ga’aton Dance Program “MASA” group – dancers from around the world who spend up to 5 months in the Western Galilee learning dance.  They make their way to our museum with each year for a half-day visit.  Also, Sar-El, The National Project for Volunteers for Israel brought a number of their volunteers who work with Israel security forces to learn about resistance during the war and the founders of the museum.


Dancers from the Ga’aton Dance Program “MASA” learning about the founders of the kibbutz and the museum in "Home of Testimony" exhibition  

Volunteers in the The National Project
for Volunteers for Israel  discuss the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in the exhibition
"Warsaw Ghetto Fights Back"

In addition, we were honored to host a contingent from the Holocaust Fund of the Jews from Macedonia at the request of the Israeli Ambassador to Macedonia, Dan Oryan.  As they continue to build their center dealing with the history of the Jewish community in Macedonia, they have discovered photos and other materials from before the war in our GFH archives.

The contingent from the Holocaust Fund of the Jews from Macedonia visiting the new exhibition "Here My Childhood Began" in Yad Layeled 

The contingent in the Treblinka Hall exhibition

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