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New Exhibiton: Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race

Now at the Ghetto Fighters' House: "Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race", which is a traveling exhibition produced by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Through reproductions of photographs and documents, films, and survivor testimony, it traces how the persecution of groups deemed biologically inferior led to the near annihilation of European Jewry.

“Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race” — Challenges for GFH Guides

“Deadly Medicine” is an extraordinary exhibition. While it centers on the subject of medicine and physicians during the Nazi era, it also extends over a broad range of socio-philosophical issues.The exhibition is filled with details, in various textual and graphic formats. These characteristics make “Deadly Medicine” a challenge for both the individual visitor and GFH’s guides.

"I have a wish that we can all be back together again": The story of the Potasz family during the Holocaust

Rafael Potasz was a law student at the University of Krakow before the war. When he came to Israel after the liberation, he decided to leave his profession behind and become a citrus grower on Moshav Hadar Am. 70 years later, Raphael's daughters and grandchildren were to discover that he left more behind than his profession. After Raphael's death two years ago, the family discovered in a little metal box hidden in the attic, an astonishing story.

Memorial Event in Honor of Monia Avrahami at Yad LaYeled

At the end of February, an event was held at Yad LaYeled in memory of Monia Avrahami, who served as General Director of the Ghetto Fighters’ House Museum for 10 years. All the members of his family were invited to the event. Following the opening speeches, Anat Carmel, Director of Yad LaYeled, presented the family with an album containing historical photographs and documents from the museum’s archival collection, which recounted the role played by Monia in the establishment of the Ghetto Fighters' House Museum.

“Between Destruction and Liberation, as Portrayed in Films”: A Ghetto Fighters’ House course in collaboration with Yad Vashem

The Ghetto Fighters’ House has for many years been offering courses in collaboration with Yad Vashem. In the last three years, these have incorporated viewing films. This year we mark the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII.

Ophir Pines-Paz, Chairman of the Governing Council

"During the assembly tonight, we will open a window into the world of the survivors at the moment of liberation and follow the amazing way they coped with the many difficulties on their journey back to life, a journey full of obstacles, disappointments and a persistent struggle for their right to build a new life."