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International Visitors to the GFHM

The International Department was busy this past fall with visitors from all over the world, preparing youth and educator seminars for groups from Europe and South America, as well as a contingent from the Holocaust Fund of the Jews from Macedonia.

“From the Holocaust to Revival”: A program for IDF soldiers at the Ghetto Fighters’ House Museum

This past year, over 4,000 soldiers, including career soldiers, from various IDF units took part in the “From the Holocaust to Revival” program, which had been made possible by a generous donation from an Israeli donor.

Nazi Medicine: From Encouraging Birth Rates to Oppression and Murder

Two items in the archives of artifacts at the Ghetto Fighters’ House testify to Hitler's racial ideology and the deadly and tragic connection between the state, medicine, and modernity.

What’s New at Yad LaYeled

The academic year has begun, and children from across the country have been arriving at Yad LaYeled to take part in one of the many programs offered to grades 5–8. Yad LaYeled’s team of guides has also hosted various adult groups.

Joint Research Seminar Series Promotes Israeli-German Academic Dialogue

In December, the University of Haifa launched a joint seminar series. The cooperation between the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, the Strochlitz Institute for Holocaust Studies at the University of Haifa, the Ghetto Fighters House Museum and Massuah Institute for Holocaust Studies, was established in the aim of fostering an Israeli-German academic dialogue and providing a platform for new research in the field of Holocaust studies.

Now Available in Spanish: The Documentary Film "What Are You Fighting For?"

The documentary film "What Are You Fighting For?" has recently been translated to Spanish. The translation and production of the film were made possible due to a generous donation from Maccabi Buenos Aires. The movie is one of the many educational materials in Spanish developed by the Ghetto Fighters' House.