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On Display Leon Engelsberg's "The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Monument during its Construction" (1947)

Last year 16 pieces from the estate of the artist Leon Engelsberg, a Holocaust survivor, were added to the Ghetto Fighters' House art archives. The piece "The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Monument during its Construction" (1947) is now on permanent display in the main entrance of the museum.

A Flower for a Survivor 2012-13

For the eighth consecutive year, “A Flower for a Survivor”, a project initiated by Ghetto Fighters’ House and the Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Victims in Israel has been a moving success. The project began modestly in 2005 as “The IDF Salutes Holocaust Survivors in Israel” which arranged for soldiers to visit survivors. Since the first program, the project has grown considerably, and now 20,000 Holocaust survivors are visited by soldiers. The Ghetto Fighters’ House assists with the preparation of soldiers for this activity.

Library Activity at Ghetto Fighters’ House: Serving a Diverse Group of Visitors

The Ghetto Fighters’ House library holds some 60,000 titles related to Jews during the Second World War, the Jewish community that was wiped out, and Holocaust survivors. As part of its mission to transmit knowledge to future generations, the library encourages visits by individuals and groups (with prior coordination). Visitors to the library arrive to find tables stacked high with camera-ready materials, research, and testimonies prepared for their visit based on the topics requested.

Henri Wermus and Family Members Dedicate Memorial Placque in Yizkor Hall

On March 4, 2013, the Ghetto Fighters’ House Museum was honored to dedicate a plaque in the Yizkor Hall for the Henri Wermus family of Switzerland. Having lost many family members from Warsaw during the war, Henri contacted the GFH because of the family’s connection to the city.

“We must do everything to save them”: Cooperation among the Underground Organizations after the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

In a research conference in mid-March sponsored jointly by Western Galilee College, Yad Vashem, and Ghetto Fighters’ House, a new and less familiar aspect of Jewish resistance during the Holocaust was presented.

“Our song is full of sorrow”: Jewish Youth: From Community and Movement to the Uprising– A Teacher’s Kit

On the 70th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, Ghetto Fighters’ House Museum is offering an educational program in Hebrew that tells the story of this revolt – the circumstances, the people involved, and its historical, human, and moral significance. The program is available for free download on the Ghetto Fighters’ House website.