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Value Oriented Family Experience

A Value Oriented Family Experience

Yad Layeled provides a wide range of programs for parents and children who are interested in learning together about childhood during the Holocaust.   

There are a number of programs from which to choose and each family can plan a program according to their needs:
Bar/Bat Mitzvah Program:  Dealing with Identity and Responsibility
A special family oriented program designed for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah.  The program includes a guided tour of two exhibitions: “ The Jewish Child During the Holocaust”  or one of the following exhibits: “Korczak of the Children” or "Here Began My Childhood".  The program puts emphasis on stories of coming of age during the Holocaust, including the bar mitzvah ceremony in ghettos and hiding places, as well as how young adults dealt with identity and family responsibility.  Processing of the program is through an art-based workshop.  In addition to the guided tour of Yad Layeled, a ceremony in the museum's synagogue can be added, as well as a catered meal.
Kites and Dreams
This program is for families that are interested in learning about Korczak and his legacy.  This program includes a tour of the main exhibition of Yad Layeled, “The Jewish Child During the Holocaust", an interactive activity and dialogue in the Janusz Korczak exhibit, and a kite workshop based on Korczak's educational philosophy.
Recommended age:  10 yrs and up
Recommended dates:
Holidays:  Sukkot, Hanukah and Passover breaks
Summer break

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