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Warsaw exhibition
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From the desk of the Museum Division

The Museum Division works tirelessly to preserve and upgrade the existing exhibitions while progressing on diverse new projects, providing a fresh experience for new and returning museum visitors.

New projects

We have recently completed a comprehensive signage project: signs now identify locations within the museum buildings and exteriors around the GFH campus, plus signposts leading from the kibbutz entrance gate to the main museum building and to Yad LaYeled. The project's “biggest” achievement is the museum's name in Hebrew and English, in dark metal letters 50 cm. (20") tall mounted on the cylindrical concrete structure nearest the main road (Route #2, the Coast Hwy) and clearly visible from a distance. This project received support from the Israel Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Matte Asher Regional Council, headed by Mr. Gali Raz, director of tourism affairs.

Preparations are underway to mount the exhibition, “To Rescue the Children,” at the Ghetto Fighters’ House Museum. It presents the OSE organization (Oeuvre de Secours aux Enfants; "Children's Aid Society") and its operatives’ efforts in rescuing Jewish children in France during the Holocaust. This is a co-production with OSE-France. 

On the initiative of Yariv Lapid, director of the Center for Humanistic Education, we are in the planning stages of an exhibit on "The White Rose" — the non-violent resistance group that operated in Munich, Germany, under the Nazi regime. The exhibit, a joint project with the University of Munich, will combine museum and digital displays creating a platform for an educational and values dialogue on the responsibilities of youth in society.

Upgrading exhibitions

The Maror Foundation, which supports projects related to Dutch Jewry, has dedicated funding for a projection room in a hall adjacent to the exhibition, “The Jews of Holland during the Holocaust.” Besides screening films, the furnished space will accommodate groups about to visit the exhibition and for holding summary discussions.

In the "Yizkor" Hall, where the treasures of the GFH Archives collections are revealed, we are advancing with the solution to operational problems caused by the original technology's obsolescence. An initial trial by the Kamel Company is most promising, and we hope that already this year improvements will provide a meaningful museum experience for visitors to this important exhibition.


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