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“In the Realms of Memory”

“The ‘realms of memory’ exist only by virtue of their ability to strip off their
form and take on another, in the constant flourishing of their significances
and the unanticipated complexity of their ramifications.”
(Pierre Nora)

The exhibit “In the Realms of Memory” is a conceptual and design realization that attempts to examine the significances of human memory and the human image. Behind the artifacts and documents that have been collected and preserved in the Archives of the Ghetto Fighters’ House, lie the compelling stories of individuals.

The exhibit serves as a meeting place between the GFH Archives and the community of collective memory. Its aim is to release from anonymity the individual behind the artifact. Each one can emerge and be given a visage and a voice to recount his or her story.

Their presentation makes possible an inquiry into the nature of human behavior in circumstances of helplessness, of deprivation and restrictions, of a reality closing in on one’s liberty and one’s very life. By directing a spotlight on the particular object, document, or artwork, something may be learned about human beings.

The presentation of the past is not of a totality but of each item in isolation, individual and authentic. This is perhaps the sole means of returning to us the complexity of the picture of those times, for studying the questions of the limits of the human spirit:

What does a person, from whom every material thing has been taken, give to his nearest and dearest as a token of thanks and appreciation?

What is the ultimate concern of a historian, the documenter of his times?

What does someone request, in the last hour of life?

How does one summon the fortitude and resourcefulness to brave dangers on a mission for comrades?

Is it possible, no matter what the circumstances, to bring comfort even if only for a brief while?

What are the risks a person will undertake in order to perform a final, meaningful act, altruistically or for himself?

Is the tenacious attempt to break through the cycle of terror and oppression an exemplary human stance?

What does a person wish to leave after him?

These are among the questions that may be raised while visiting “In the Realms of Memory.”

Photo Gallery of the Exhibition          

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