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Beneath the Starry Sky: Melodies of Remembrance” – Audio CD

This CD is a collection of songs and spoken texts taken from fifty years of Holocaust Remembrance Day programs at the Ghetto Fighters’ House.

They represent the tradition of this commemoration in which GFH has hosted the Israeli public for over half a century.

The material in the collection forms a national liturgy of Holocaust remembrance that is GFH’s contribution to Israeli culture.

The songs come from the Jewish world of the past that is no more, songs of resistance and uprising, lamentations, prayers and nostalgia, sadness and loss, hope and faith in human beings and in life itself.

The songwriters:  Itzhak Manger, Itzhak Katzenelson, Hannah Szenes, Avraham Sutzkever, Mordechai Gebirtig, Shmerke Kaczerginski, Hirsh Glick, Avraham Halfi, and Zelda.

The artists: Chava Alberstein, the Ma’apil Trio, Ofira Gluska, Dorit Reuveni, the Kolit Quintet of Kibbutz Lohamei Haghetaot, the Rinat Choir, the CBS Choir, Arik Einstein, and Netanela.

Text passages (in Hebrew) narrated by Effi Weiss: “Yizkor” by poet-partisan Abba Kovner, and the last letter of Mordechai Anielewicz, commander of the Warsaw ghetto uprising, to his second-in-command Yitzhak Zuckerman.

Printed lyrics in Hebrew and Yiddish; with  transliteration and translation into English.

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