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I am a member of the Abramovitz family. My father Eliyahu came from Neustadt near Heidekrug, Memel district, Lithuania. My mother, Bertha, nee Liberman, was from Vilna.

I was born in Memel in 1932, and we lived there until 1939. When the Germans entered Memel we moved to Kovno. In the Aktion [roundup] carried out in the ghetto, my two younger brothers were taken away and they never returned.

When the ghetto was liquidated, my father, mother, sister and I traveled by train to Stutthof, where we were separated from my mother and sister. My father and I continued on to Landsberg camp, where I was separated from my father and sent to Dachau camp with a group of 131 boys.

From there we were sent to Auschwitz. In Auschwitz we were tattooed with numbers. My number is B-8772. We went through a selection by Dr. Mengele, and I remained with the reduced group until the camp was evacuated. We set out on a march to Althammer, and from there we traveled by train to Mauthausen (Austria), to a tent camp. From there we marched to Gunskirchen – a camp in a city.

We were liberated by the Americans on May 4, 1945. After liberation we reached Wels, an airport, and there we were cared for by the Joint and the soldiers of the Jewish Brigade.

The group broke up in Wels; we each went looking for our relatives.  Since I didn’t find any relatives who had survived, I decided to make aliyah [immigrate] to Israel, where I had an aunt on my father’s side, Haika Abramovitz Blumenthal. I was brought to Israel with the soldiers of the Jewish Brigade via Santa Maria, Italy. I was sent to live with the Ravid family in Beer Tuvia. With their help I found my aunt in Kibbutz Dafna.

I was transferred to Dafna via the Youth Aliyah. From there I attended a training course for setting up a new kibbutz in Givat Haim and Naan. We finally founded and settled in Mishmar Hayarden.

In 1950 I was drafted into the IDF. I was honorably discharged in 1952, and didn’t return to the kibbutz.

I worked at all kinds of jobs. Finally I established a moving company. I married in 1958 and we have three children. Today we have five delightful grandchildren.

I own a gas distribution agency in Holon, and live with my wife Hadassa in Ramat Gan (69 Jerusalem Blvd.).

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