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"I found my mother and father"

My name is Meir Gecht, and I was born in Kovno in 1929. My parents were craftspeople. I attended the Reines Jewish school on Zaukasto Street.

When the war broke out we were placed in the ghetto. After the liquidation of the ghetto in 1944, we were sent to the camps. I was separated from my parents in the camps, and did the entire route of the "group of 131".

I was liberated by the American army in Gunskirchen camp on May 5, 1945. After liberation I returned to Lithuania, and to my great luck I found my father, and after a  certain while my mother as well. 

I served in the Soviet army from 1950 to 1954. After my discharge from the army I returned to Vilna, where I worked in a factory and attended evening classes at a technological college. In 1956 I married Katya, who is also a Holocaust survivor. She hid in the forests during the war and then was in a partisan unit with her older sister.

We immigrated to Poland in 1957, and a year later (1958) we immigrated to Israel.

I worked in the aviation industry until my retirement.

I am the father of three sons and the grandfather of six grandchildren.

We live in Holon.

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