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The Center for the Study of the History of Poland and Polish Jewry

The Center for the Study of the History Poland and Polish Jewry will be opening this week at the Ghetto Fighters' House in cooperation with the Polish Embassy in Israel, the Korczak International Association and the Polish Research Center in Krakow. 
The goal of the center is to be an information, research and education center, focusing on 1,000 years of Poles and Jews living together on Polish soil.  As one of its activities, the center will be opening a special seminar for teachers and guides involved in the journey to Poland.  The course will deal with a number of subjects that are connected to Poland, its heritage, longstanding Jewish history, as well as modern Poland.
Another facet of the center will be to present opportunities for mutual activities, such as joint seminars, research of Polish researchers in the Ghetto Fighters' House archives, youth tours in Poland and Israel, student exchange programs for both Polish and Jewish student s, teacher and guide delegations to both countries, as well as academic and research courses.
"The importance of this center for preserving the heritage and promoting the connection between the two countries is clear",  claims Rami Hochman, General Director of the Ghetto Fighters' House, "especially today when Holocaust deniers are prevalent.  Furthermore, the Holocaust was a terrible period that caused the loss and obliteration of the Jewish communities in Poland and other Eastern European countries, in which a rich Jewish heritage thrived for over 1000 years with a Judaism, culture, society, and a complete heritage that perished and was forgotten.  We hope that by way of the center's activities we can preserve this magnificent past among the Jewish and Polish nations, as well as maintain Holocaust remembrance among youth, researchers, academics and many others through mutual delegations and other activities at the center in this unique collaboration between two countries, which was created at the Ghetto Fighters' House." 
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