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The glass booth from the Eichmann trial will be exhibited at Topography of Terror Museum in Berlin

The director of the Ghetto Fighters’ House has approved the special request by the director of the Topography of Terror Museum in Berlin to display the original glass booth from the Eichmann trial as part of the exhibition there. Transferring the glass booth to Berlin will be a complex logistic operation.  The booth will be on display for four months before returning to Israel.


The glass booth from the Eichmann trial has stood as a memorial for future generations in the Ghetto Fighters’ House since the 1960’s and is testimony to the famous trial. The booth was given to the Ghetto Fighters’ House, the first Holocaust museum in the world, as an acknowledgement of the help the kibbutz members gave in gathering testimony and in preparing the statement of claim. Over the years, the booth has received both maintenance and preservation. Hundreds of thousands have seen the booth while visiting the museum that has recently been chosen as a National Heritage Site in Israel.

On the 50th anniversary of the Eichmann trial, the director of the Ghetto Fighters’ House, Rami Hochman, announced that the booth would be loaned to the Topography of Terror Museum, which is one of the biggest and most important museums that deals with commemorating World War II and the brutality of the Holocaust. The booth will be on display from May to September 2011. Simultaneously, special conferences will take place in Berlin, including a one-day workshop dedicated to the story of the Ghetto Fighters’ House.

“While in the process of building the permanent exhibition at the Ghetto Fighters’ House that will be dedicated to the Eichmann trial, we responded to the request of the museum in Berlin to display the booth in the center of an exhibition designated to trial of Eichmann. The Topography of Terror Museum is a documentation center of Nazi crimes and is situated on site of Gestapo underground institutions from 1939-1945, the general headquarters of the S.S. leadership and the Nazi secret service. There is no better symbol than the glass booth, which signifies the historical justice of bringing Eichmann to trial in the State of Israel and will now be on display for hundreds of thousands of visitors especially here” said Rami Hochman, director and second generation Holocaust survivor.

The booth will be displayed at the Ghetto Fighters’ House until the Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day National Gathering ceremony with the participation of the Commander in Chief of the Israel Defense Forces, Benni Gantz, as well as Holocaust survivors, who will be lighting torches, and over 10,000 visitors.



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