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Coming of Age website receives Bronze MUSE Award for Education and Outreach

The Ghetto Fighters' House is proud to announce that the Coming of Age website has recently been awarded the Bronze MUSE Award for Education and Outreach. Coming of Age is a project of the Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust in New York in collaboration with Yad LaYeled — The Ghetto Fighters’ Holocaust and Jewish Resistance Heritage Museum. This curriculum contains a library of 13 stories of survivors who came of age during the Holocaust.  Seven stories revolve around survivors who arrived in the United States after the war.  Five stories concentrate on the story of Holocaust survivors who became the founding members of Kibbutz Lohamei Haghetaot.  One story focuses on a teenage girl growing up in Eretz Israel (The Land of Israel) during World War II.   Among the judges' comments, they stated that the website "provides a multi-faceted approach to learning about the holocaust, especially those that survived, and creates online “community” fostering school partnerships. Its major impact is the interaction among peers".


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