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Warsaw exhibition
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Learning encounters for the Mateh Asher senior citizens at the Ghetto Fighters' House

“There is living wisdom that is like an open and full hand, like air, like water, like the sweet fruit, for all those who come near and want it”  (Janusz Korczak)


The Ghetto Fighters’ House and the Senior Citizen Foundation in the Mateh Asher Region invite you to a learning experience that touches on the various subjects with which the museum deals.  The program takes place once a month and includes a lecture and a guided tour in one of the museum’s exhibitions.
The Ghetto Fighters’ House is obligated to dealing with the various aspects of the cultural environment in which the Holocaust occurred.  We work towards achieving a familiarity with the Yiddish language and the rich Jewish culture that developed in Eastern Europe for many years before the outbreak of World War II.  In the program we discuss many questions that deal with the human struggle during the war and follow the story of the survivors and their extraordinary integration into the Western Galilee community and Israeli society. 
For more information and details:
Vered Adi:  04-9958016, vadi@gfh.org.il
Tami Yakobi:  04-9958052

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