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A Yearly Tradition: Latin American Groups at the GFH

In early January, 250 youth movement counselors from Buenos Aires, Argentina visited the Ghetto Fighters' House.  The young counselors represented movements such as "Maccabi", and "Hebraica" that chose to conclude their visit to Israel with an educational seminar at the museum.

Other guests from Latin America in the past months have included participants in the Yad Vashem Educational Seminar.  Chavka Foleman-Raban gave her testimony  for the group.   In feedback from one of the participants, Pablo Intebi, a psychologist from Argentina, on the seminar at the Ghetto Fighters' House:  "The study day at the Ghetto Fighters' House allowed for a person-to-person encounter without the need for facilitation.  The well-known questions were asked but with a critical perspective that puts a human face before us." 


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