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Warsaw exhibition
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Havka Foleman-Raban invited to give testimony by ISTORECO in Reggio di Emilia

ISTORECO (the Institute for the History of the Resistance and Contemporary Society in the Reggio Di Emilia Region) is an association that was founded in 1965 in Reggio Emilia, which is located in northern Italy. At the beginning ISTORECO served as an archive of documents regarding the resistance movement during World War II.

Subsequently, the Institution also became an agency for the promotion of life-long learning, collaborating with schools, associations, labor unions and public bodies, and offering people many different occasions for studying this important period of history.

One of the main experiences that ISTORECO organizes every year is the “Memory Journey” for the high school graduates in Reggio Emilia. What we call a “Memory Journey” consists of a variety of experiences including preparation for the journey and a reflection phase upon return to Italy.   

As part of the preparation phase of the journey, the Institute organizes two introduction-lessons with ISTORECO in every class and two important meetings for all students together with two Holocaust survivors – one who was deported and the other a resistance fighter.  This year the students met Ernst Grube, who was deported to Terezin and Havka Folman Raban, who served as a courier during World War II.

Over a three-day period, Havka meet with over 1,000 students who came to listen to her story.  Havka's visit was organized by Matthias Durchfeld and Annalisa Govi from ISTORECO.


At the Resistance Monument in Reggio Emilia  (from left to right): Havka's granddaughter, Goni, Annalisa Govi (ISTORECO) and Havka Foleman-Raban From left to right:  Daria Merlo (translator), Havka Foleman-Raban, Giacomo Notari, President of the local partisan association (ANPI) and Matthias Durchfeld (ISTORECO)


At the Teatro Asioli Correggio

Photos:  Adriano Arati
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