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Library Activity at Ghetto Fighters’ House: Serving a Diverse Group of Visitors

The Ghetto Fighters’ House library holds some 60,000 titles related to Jews during the Second World War, the Jewish community that was wiped out, and Holocaust survivors.

As part of its mission to transmit knowledge to future generations, the library encourages visits by individuals and groups (with prior coordination). Visitors to the library arrive to find tables stacked high with camera-ready materials, research, and testimonies prepared for their visit based on the topics requested.

The groups who visited the library in recent weeks reflect great diversity, both in their areas of interest and the diversity of the groups themselves within Israeli society:
Gilo Ulpana in Jerusalem – preparing texts for a study trip to Poland
Students from the Western Galilee College in Acre – visiting the library as part of their study day “Steadfastness and Revolt in the Ghettos: Coping Patterns for Life in the Ghettos” – examining the first publications about the uprising and archive material
Students from the Kibbutzim College – preparation of activities on the subject of the Holocaust, anti-Semitism, and racism
The ORT High School-Yeshiva in Ma’alot – research on Holocaust testimonies
The Pelech School in Zikhron Ya’akov – studies in the framework of Research into the Holocaust in History (a research program for high schools on Holocaust testimonies)
Counselors in the No’ar Ha’oved Vehalomed (Work and Study Youth Movement) – preparation for leading a group on a study trip to Poland
The Dror Schools of the No’ar Ha’oved Vehalomed – preparation for a study trip to Poland

Groups from other organizations are expected to visit the library in the coming weeks.

In addition to the visiting groups, representatives of institutions came to the library to prepare texts for Holocaust Memorial Day. Among them were representatives from Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd., the Israel Electric Corporation, and community centers.

In addition to these activities, the library encourages visits by individuals, high school students, undergraduates, graduate students, and anyone interested in this field.

Dafna Itzkovitch
Ghetto Fighters’ House Library
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