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“Our song is full of sorrow”: Jewish Youth: From Community and Movement to the Uprising– A Teacher’s Kit

On the 70th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, Ghetto Fighters’ House Museum is offering an educational program that tells the story of this revolt – the circumstances, the people involved, and its historical, human, and moral significance.

The program was designed for classroom use by teachers and educators of grades 9 through 12.

The program is composed of five, 45-minute lessons that convey the story of the uprising in its broad historical context, while grappling with the moral dilemmas raised.

The first lesson depicts the pre-war Jewish world through the stories of Jewish children in Poland. The second lesson looks at the youth movements prior to the war in Poland –movements whose members took part in both overt activities and covert operations in the ghettos, and later led the call for an uprising. In the third lesson, Jewish life under Nazi occupation is examined, as well as the educational work of the movements inside the ghettos. The fourth lesson reveals the difficulty of those isolated in the ghettos to comprehend that Jews in occupied Poland and eastern Europe were being systematically murdered by the Nazis, as well as the efforts made by youth movements to uncover the truth and the dilemmas of launching an uprising. And the fifth and final lesson tells the story of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising and explores the issues of memory and meaning then and now.

In addition to this program, we are offering a selection of enrichment activities, enabling the teachers to choose those most appropriate for them and their students.

The program is based on a varied methodology whose goal is to enable participatory and involved learning that stimulates thinking and is meaningful to the students.

The program is available for free download on the Ghetto Fighters’ House Hebrew website

To discuss the program or any issues related to teaching this material, call the Education and Instruction Division: Tel. (04) 995-8001 ‒ Rotem Kornblit.

This classroom curriculum can be complemented with a visit to Ghetto Fighters’ House Museum (please coordinate in advance – entrance fees are applicable).

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