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Warsaw exhibition
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New exhibition: "Here Began My Childhood"

The Yad Layeled Museum at the Ghetto Fighters’ House is dedicated to the fates of Jewish children during World War II.

The new exhibition in the temporary exhibition space complements the collective biographies and recounts what happened to child survivors at the end of the war and in its aftermath.

The exhibition highlights additional human and historical aspects which shaped the fate of these children and which, till now, have not received due attention in Holocaust remembrance educational programs.

The first subject “Left Without a Home” covers the dilemmas faced by children who lost their parents,  who attempted to return to homes that had been destroyed, who lost a sense of moral values during the war and found it difficult to return to normal life when they had no family or close relatives, who lived under false identities with Christian families or in convents and experienced difficulties returning to Judaism, and who kept searching for  lost relatives. Through these issues, the exhibition aims to impart a deeper understanding of the difficulties faced by child survivors for whom liberation did not mean that their battle to survive had ended.
The second subject “Return to Life” focuses on the extraordinary role of members of Jewish youth movements who survived the Holocaust and chose to remain in Europe in order to help these children, on the contribution of emissaries from Eretz Yisrael, members of the Habricha organization who helped to round up the children and smuggle them to areas where they would have a better chance of immigrating to Israel, and the dedicated individuals who helped rehabilitate the children and return them to normal life, so that they could go on with their lives and build a future full of promise.


Interview on JN1 (Jewish News One TV) on the exhibition

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