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“Friends” of the Ghetto Fighters’ House Museum

In early November, philanthropist Raya Straus Bendror, president and co-owner of Strauss Investment Company hosted two special evenings for The Ghetto Fighters’ House Museum at the Kimberly Hotel in New York.  Another evening was hosted in partnership with the Northern New Jersey Jewish Federation at the home of Angelica Berrie, a close friend of Ms. Strauss Bendror. 

Amy Miller speaking at the Friends event at the Kimberly Hotel in NYC From left to right: Charlie Rose, Richard Miller, Larry Brown, and Karen Brown


Raya Strauss Bendror is active in bringing out the best in Western Galilee, including the Ghetto Fighters’ House Museum.  Amy Miller, American Friends of the GFH Chairperson was also instrumental in hosting the events.  The evenings were to help re-launch the American Friends of the Ghetto Fighters’ House. 

Israeli Consul, Ido Aharoni Jay Lieberman of the Derfner Foundation

At the Kimberly events, Israeli Consul, Ido Aharoni introduced the program.  General Director, Dr. Anat Livne addressed the group by explaining the many facets of the museum.  In addition, a new film produced by Racheli Swartz was shown telling about the deep-rooted history of the museum and its founders.  Amy Miller spoke about her years of involvement with the museum, sharing a special, personal moment from her son’s Bar Mitzvah that was held in the T’filat Ha’Adam Synagogue on the museum campus.  Guests were surprised by the breadth of the work of the GFH and touched by the personal stories that were presented. 

Tal Freiman and Sigal Bendror From left to right:  Mitchell Rosensweig CFO of JNF, Russell Robinson CEO of JNF and Dr. Anat Livne at the Kimberly


From left to right:  Gillie Glattner, Anat Rubin
and Zahav Wolosky

Steve and Rita Meed

Another “Friends” event was held in Toronto at the home of Mr. Andrew Meles.  This small gathering was generated by newly appointed chairman of the Canadian Friends of the Ghetto Fighter’s House Museum, Dr. Ralph Folman.  Dr. Folman is the nephew of Havka Folman-Raban, z”l, one of the founding members of the Ghetto Fighters’ Kibbutz.  Once again, great interest was shown when we spoke of the many activities at the museum, and many have planned a visit to the museum in the near future.

Yad LaYeled France made a generous donation to our Yad LaYeled museum in the spring of 2014 allowing for all the testimony viewing spots in Yad LaYeled to be exchanged with new technology.  Now, at the push of a button, visitors are able to view the child survivor testimonies in Hebrew or with English subtitles.  Our hope is to include French and other languages also in the near future. Yad Layeled France has already made a generous donation for 2015, which will contribute to the continuing upgrade of Yad Layeled and the development of educational programs for the Ghetto Fighters' House Museum.

Finally, we are pleased that our “Friends” in the Netherlands continue to send us visitors.  After their important support in upgrading our unique exhibition on the Dutch Jews During the Holocaust, Mr. Rudy Meijers ensures that his acquaintances and friends spend time in the museum whenever possible. 

We encourage our “Friends” and all who visit Israel to join us throughout the year!

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