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The Ghetto Fighters' House Welcomes Two New Staff Members

We are happy to introduce two new members of the Ghetto Fighters' House staff and wish them success in their new positions.

Dr. Michal Sadan

Dr. Michal Sadan has been appointed the director of Yad Layeled.  She has a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the School of Jewish Studies at University of Tel Aviv.  She got her master's degree at Bar Ilan University in Technology and Communications in Education.  Her BA is in Art History from the University of Tel Aviv. 

Before coming to Yad Layeled, Dr. Sadan was a lecturer in both the BA and MA programs at the University of Tel Aviv, Achva College, Sapir College and Beit Berl College.  She also directed the National Center for Teacher Professional Development, as well as the Pisga Center in Kiryat Gat.



Yaron Zur

Yaron will be the pedagogical coordinator of the museum's education department.  As part of his responsibilities, Yaron will develop programs for activities in the exhibitions, as well as workshops, will welcome and train new guides, manage in-service pedagogical development and promote special projects together with Rotem Kornblitt, director of the education department.

In addition to his work at the museum, Yaron organizes journeys to Poland and guides youth delegations to Poland through "Mul Nevo", the educational institute for the promotion of educational and social dialogue. For the past few years, Yaron has also taught history in a number of schools. 



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