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Warsaw exhibition
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The Spanish Desk's Winter Activity

A wave of Spanish speakers visited the Ghetto Fighters' House during the winter. During the months of January and February, visitors left behind the warm weather of the Latin American summer to come to the low temperatures of the Israeli winter, hoping to get to know our country.

In January, we guided visitors who have come here via youth movements and Yad Vashem. In early February, we held a four-day seminar for the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace initiative. They came here from Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Columbia, the US, Costa Rica, Mexico, Guatemala, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Panama, Spain, Argentina, the Dominican Republic and Ecuador, in order to learn about the Holocaust. Their goal was not necessarily to teach themselves, but rather to acquire tools with which to convince their governments (specifically their ministries of education) of the importance of this subject. They believe that Holocaust memory must become a warning sign against human rights violations and racism everywhere, and that only through education can such things be prevented, even in distant South America. Their impression of the museum, and mostly of our educational philosophy, was extremely positive. May there be many more groups in the future!


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