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Memorial plaque from Iaşi returns to the synagogue

On June 22nd, as part of a special dedication ceremony, a memorial plaque that was donated to the Ghetto Fighters’ House archive by Itzhak Efraim Benditer , was placed on the wall of the museum synagogue in the presence of Benditer and his family.

Coming of Age website receives Bronze MUSE Award for Education and Outreach

The Ghetto Fighters' House is proud to announce that the Coming of Age website has recently been awarded the Bronze MUSE Award for Education and Outreach. Coming of Age is a project of the Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust in New York in collaboration with Yad LaYeled — The Ghetto Fighters’ Holocaust and Jewish Resistance Heritage Museum.

One Mezuzah, One Family

Last month, Miriam Hanina-Tafelkruijer from Moshav Even Shmuel and Suzanne Rodrigues Pereira from Amsterdam visited the Ghetto Fighters' House archive. They came to donate a small Mezuzah parchment that was hidden in one of the walls of Susan's house on Nieuwe Keizersgracht #20 in Amsterdam.

Minister of Tourism Visits the Ghetto Fighters’ House

The Minister of Tourism, Stas Misezhnikov, visited the Ghetto Fighters’ House recently where he met with museum director, Rami Hochman, chairman of the museum’s governing council, Eli Gonen and head of the Mateh Asher regional council, Yehuda Shavit. The minister was taken on a tour of the Ghetto Fighters’ Museum exhibitions, the Yad Layeled Children’s Museum and the archives.

Winning Spirit: Prisoners in the "Israeli Journey" project visit the Ghetto Fighters' House

On May 12th, 150 prisoners, all in civilian clothes, visited exhibitions at the Ghetto Fighters' House and met with Maj. Gen. Nazeem Sabiti, Commander of the Prison Service central district.

The glass booth from the Eichmann trial will be exhibited at Topography of Terror Museum in Berlin

The director of the Ghetto Fighters’ House has approved the special request by the director of the Topography of Terror Museum in Berlin to display the original glass booth from the Eichmann trial as part of the exhibition there. Transferring the glass booth to Berlin will be a complex logistic operation. The booth will be on display for four months before returning to Israel.