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Warsaw exhibition
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New exhibit in Yad LaYeled: Notes of Life

For many generations the violin was a prominent instrument in Jewish life. The sounds of the violin could be heard in Jewish communities in the Diaspora on holidays and at celebrations and during times of crisis and misery, arousing feelings of joy and sorrow, longing and hope.

The exhibit tells the story of five youngsters, who were wonderful musicians and for whom the sound of the strings was a source of physical and spiritual existence at times of crisis and destruction.

The Ghetto Fighters’ House Mission

The Ghetto Fighters' House – Itzhak Katzenelson Holocaust and Jewish Resistance Heritage Museum was founded in 1949 by a community of Holocaust survivors, members of the Jewish underground in the ghettos of Poland, and veterans of partisan units, to be a place of testimony that would tell the story of the Jewish People in the 20th century in general, and during the Second World War in particular. At the center of this chronicle: the manifestations of Jewish resistance in its many forms.

The Ghetto Fighters’ House is on the Israeli tourism map

Over the past few months, various delegations have arrived at the Ghetto Fighters’ House: travel agents from Israel and countries from all over the world, Israeli and foreign reporters, a group of 35 emissaries, and 30 reporters, including leading Spanish correspondents.