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For Purim – a special Mishloach Manot received by Lodz ghetto Chairman Chaim Rumkowski for the holiday

For Purim in 1941 or 1942, a Jewish artist named Mendel Kott sent to the Lodz ghetto’s “Council of Elders” chairman Chaim Rumkowski an extraordinary gift for the holiday custom of Mishloach Manot (“sending portions”): the text of the Scroll of Esther handwritten in microcalligraphy on a postcard. Kott, who before the war lived in Kalisz, Poland. Kott and Rumkowski were among the Lodz ghetto Jews who perished in the Auschwitz camp.

Now on-line: Abstracts from the International Conference "Holocaust Education for Democratic Values

The Ghetto Fighters’ House – Center for Humanistic Education hosted an International Conference with the support of the EZV foundation. The conference “Holocaust Education for Democratic Values” was designed for educators in all frameworks and fields, and sought to elucidate the theoretical and pedagogical link between educating about the Holocaust as an historical, formative event and inculcating democratic values in individuals and groups.

An exhibition, “Korczak - Humanistic Educator,” is currently on display in Madrid, Spain

An exhibition, “Korczak - Humanistic Educator,” is currently on display at the Asamblea (regional parliament) building of Madrid, Spain. The exhibition, which is based on educational materials from the Ghetto Fighters' House, opened 27 January 2013, International Holocaust Remembrance Day, with a ceremony whose participants included the “Ibn Gvirol” Jewish day school, members of the Madrid Jewish community, and representatives of the city government.

Havka Foleman-Raban invited to give testimony by ISTORECO in Reggio di Emilia

ISTORECO (the Institute for the History of the Resistance and Contemporary Society in the Reggio Di Emilia Region) is an association that was founded in 1965 in Reggio Emilia, which is located in northern Italy. Every year ISTORECO organizes a Memory Journey for students from the region on the topic of the Holocaust. As part of the preparation for this journey, there are two important meetings for all students together with two Holocaust survivors – one who was deported and the other a resistance fighter. This year the students met Ernst Grube, who was deported to Terezin and Havka Folman Raban, who served as a courier during World War II and is one of the founders of the Ghetto Fighters' House.

Sixth International Conference on Women and the Holocaust

The Sixth International Conference on Women and the Holocaust: "Her Story": Transference methods of women's biographies and autobiographies from the Holocaust will focus on personal women's life stories from gendered perspectives.

Spiritual Leader from Albania Visits the Ghetto Fighters' House

Every day at the Ghetto Fighters’ House presents new discoveries and interesting visitors. On Monday, January 7 honored guests Dede Baba Mondi from Albania and his colleague and translator Arben (Benny) Sulejmani spent a number of hours at the museum. The Dede Baba Mondi was in Israel to attend a wedding with Israeli friends who accompanied him to the museum.