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Educational Programs

The Ghetto Fighters' House offers a large selection of guided tours and seminars that can be adapted to the specific requirements of the group.  

Guided tours

All groups that are interested in a guided tour of the Ghetto Fighters' House are provided with the museum's professional guides. Tours can be built around a specific theme or provide an overall view of the museum. more...


Seminars include a combination of lectures, workshops, films and testimonies along with activities in the museum's exhibitions and are designed in coordination with group leaders. more...

Taglit – Birthright

This educational program is TAGLIT BIRTHRIGHT ISRAEL accredited and specially designed to accommodate the Taglit Birthright program. The focus of the visit will be on Resistance and living with the memory of the Holocaust. more...


This program is geared toward Ulpan students who are living and studying Hebrew in Israel. This four hour program introduces the students to the story of the Ghetto Fighters' House and Kibbutz, Jewish resistance and the place of remembrance in Israel. more...

University Programs

With an expansive archive and library, the House is well-equipped for academic research on the Holocaust for both academics and students. Theme-based programs that include lectures, workshops and testimony can be incorporated into the museum visit. more...

Yad Layeled Guided Tour

Serving as both a children's educational museum and memorial, Yad LaYeled has two main goals: to commemorate the million and a half children who perished during the Holocaust and to continuously tell the story of the children who survived. more...