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Seminars are designed in coordination with group leaders. Seminars can be organized for specialized groups of such as: Holocaust educators, educators, academics, teachers, students, youth movements and counselors, delegations and groups before or after their journey to Holocaust sites in Poland or Germany. 

Seminars include a combination of lectures, workshops, films and testimonies along with activities in the museum's exhibitions. 

Sample seminars:

1/2 day seminar

This half day seminar introduces the visitor to the story of the Ghetto Fighters' Kibbutz and the establishment of the museum.  Through the exhibitions, the visitor learns about Jewish resistance during the Holocaust and the commitment to Holocaust Remembrance in modern Israel.  As well, this seminar includes a tour of the world's only children's Holocaust museum, Yad Layeled, which tells the story of Jewish children who lived during World War II.

  • The Treblinka Hall exhibition
  • The Warsaw Ghetto Fights Back exhibition
  • The Hall of Testimony
  • The Hall of Remembrance
  • Yad LaYeled museum

Day seminar

The one day seminar puts emphasis on Jewish and non-Jewish resistance and the struggle to hold on to one's humanity despite the overwhelming dehumanization of the Jewish people, as well as other undesirables, during the Holocaust.  The seminar also explores the unique narrative of Holocaust survivors who chose to establish the Ghetto Fighters' kibbutz and museum in the new State of Israel.   As well, the seminar examines the life of Jewish children during the Holocaust in the only children's museum in the world that deals with this subject.  The testimony of a Holocaust survivor brings to this seminar the first hand perspective of the survivor and gives insight into the lives of European Jewry before, during and after World War II.

A sample program:

  • “Warsaw Ghetto Fights Back” exhibition
  • Treblinka Hall exhibition
  • Righteous among the Nations exhibition
  • Lunch
  • Jewish Resistance exhibition
  • Testimony by Holocaust survivor
  • The Hall of Remembrance
  • The Hall of Testimony
  • Yad LaYeled museum

Sample workshops:

  • Holocaust Art
  • Jewish Resistance
  • Righteous Gentiles
  • Anti-Semitism
  • Children in the Shadow of the Holocaust
  • The Legacy of Janusz Korzcak:  Humanist educator in the crucible of the Holocaust

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