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Yad Layeled Guided Tour

Serving as both a children's educational museum and memorial, Yad LaYeled has two main goals:  to commemorate the million and a half children who perished during the Holocaust and to continuously tell the story of the children who survived.

For adult visitors: We have guided tours that can be incorporated into group visits to the Ghetto Fighters' House.  The main focus of these tours is to introduce the complex story of the Jewish children who lived in Europe during World War II. 

The guided tour can revolve around a specific theme such as:  Holocaust education, Holocaust Remembrance, Jewish children during the Holocaust, Janusz Korczak.

For young visitors:  school delegations, camp programs, young leadership missions
All the exhibitions at Yad LaYeled are especially suited to young visitors from the age of 10 and feature three-dimensional displays, as well as audio and video testimonies.  Throughout the museum, the story of Jewish children, who lived in different European countries during the Holocaust, unfolds.  Told from the point of view of the child survivors, their stories are based on various sources: diaries written during the war, as well as personal testimonies and memoirs written after the war.

In addition to the museum exhibitions, Yad Layeled offers a number of specialized workshops in plastic art, music, drama, creative writing and movement. 

Examples of theme-based programs for school-age visitors:

Kites of Dreams
This program includes a tour of the main exhibition of Yad Layeled, The Jewish Child During the Holocaust, an interactive activity in the Janusz Korczak exhibit, and a kite workshop based on Korczak's educational philosophy.

Children in the Shadow of the Holocaust
The program puts emphasis on the life of children during the Holocaust.  The group tours the main exhibition, The Jewish Child During the Holocaust, as well as the exhibit Korczak of the Children.

Music and Memory
This special program combines a tour of the main exhibit, testimonies and the new exhibit Notes of Life, as well as a music workshop.  Emphasis is put on the importance of music in the lives of Jewish children and the musical activity that existed during the Holocaust. 

Bar\Bat Mitzvah Educational Program for teenagers and their family
As part of a family visit to Israel, in which two or three generations come together, the museum provides a unique encounter with the world of teenagers who became bar/bat mitzvah during the Holocaust.  The program includes the following components:

  • preparation of a family ceremony
  • reception ceremony in Yad LaYeled
  • a guided tour of the museum exhibits
  • Bar Mitzvah ceremony in the museum synagogue Tefilat HaAdam

The educational program at Yad LaYeled aims at exploring the connection between the significance of adolescence and becoming a bar/bat mitzvah today and the significance of adolescence during the Holocaust.  While touring the museum's exhibits, we discuss subjects such as: taking responsibility when parents suddenly disappear, writing secret diaries, and living under a false identity during a time in a teenager's life when he is building his personal identity. 

Bar\Bat Mitzvah for Grandparents
During the Holocaust, many young adults did not have the opportunity to celebrate their coming of age with the traditional Bar Mitzvah or Eshet Chayil ceremony. This unique program is geared toward Holocaust survivors and their families who are interested in conducting an intimate and special ceremony at the museum.  The program includes a tour of the exhibitions of Yad Layeled with an emphasis on coming of age during the Holocaust as well selected exhibitions in the Ghetto Fighters' House.  An additional option is a Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony in the museum synagogue Tefilat HaAdam.

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