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What's New at Yad LaYeled

Visit by students from the Tefen High School
Mika Hayoz from Kibbutz Evron took part in a special visit to Yad LaYeled last month. Mika and her classmates study in a special education program for children with cerebral palsy at the Tefen School. At the museum, the students participated in a program entitled “Through Music and Memory.” The program included listening to music and visiting the exhibition “Notes of Life,” which recounts the story of Jewish children who played the violin before and during World War II.

Visit to the Yad LaYeled Museum by members of the Inner Wheel Club to mark Holocaust Memorial Day
Members of the women's voluntary service Inner Wheel and members of the Nahariya Rotary club visited Yad LaYeled on April 12, 2015.
The members of Inner Wheel make a contribution every year to the educational activities of Yad LaYeled. This year, they wished to contribute to an exhibition of works by children who visit the museum and take part in our art workshop. The exhibition will be on display at the fall conference of the Israeli Friends of the Ghetto Fighters’ House Museum, which will host a festive event marking the 20th anniversary of Yad LaYeled.

In recognition of their contribution, the members of Inner Wheel participated for the second year in a program at Yad LaYeled on a day close to Holocaust Memorial Day. The visitors gathered in the art workshop, where the works of children who visit the museum are displayed in a permanent exhibition. They then watched the play “Dance of Joy and Sorrow,” which is based on the story of Leah Fried, a Holocaust survivor who as a child hid in a convent for three years. This was followed by a discussion led by Anat Carmel, Director of Yad LaYeled, with the participation of Leah Fried, whose testimony has been on display at the museum for the past 20 years and is recounted in her book “Dance of Joy and Sorrow,” published in 2006. Actresses Gili and Danielle, who played the part of Leah in the play, also took part in the discussion. 

A family event at Yad LaYeled marking the 80th birthday of Yisrael Wiesel, who was a resident of the Blankenese Children’s Home, and the 90th birthday of Reuma Weizman, who ran the home after the war.
In April a family event was held at Yad LaYeled to celebrate the 80th birthday of Yisrael Wiesel and the 90th  birthday of Reuma Weizman. Relatives and friends gathered in Yad LaYeled’s art workshop to listen to a speech by Reuma, tributes by family members and the sounds of a harmonica played by the guest of honor, Yisrael Wiesel. The guests were then given a tour of the exhibition “Here Began My Childhood” by Poriah Lichi, curator of the exhibition and Yad LaYeled’s pedagogic coordinator, after which they watched the play “Avramale — the Boy from Over There.” The visit ended with a tour of the permanent exhibition “The Jewish Child During the Holocaust.”


Upgrading Project: New testimonies and upgraded monitors
Thanks to the generous donation of the French Friends of Yad LaYeled, we are continuing with our monitor project, which includes adding testimonies that are appropriate for our visual and educational approach. The work consists in reading several books filled with testimonies, viewing videos of testimonies, and contacting witnesses whose stories meet our needs and who are willing to be interviewed. The project will also upgrade the viewing stations so that by pressing a button visitors can watch each video testimony from the beginning, move on to the next one, and change the language to English.

Some two months ago, we filmed the testimony of Leila Hundert (nee Kravitz) from the Ghetto Fighters’ Kibbutz. She is the mother of Tali Shner, who served as director of Yad LaYeled for 11 years.  Leila was 10 years old when she was hidden with a Christian family in two pits, one under a bedroom and one under a pigpen. Her testimony is displayed in the main exhibition, in the section devoted to secret hiding places, next to Felix Zandman’s.

Film director Hava Cohen interviewed Yankele Ben Sira in Tel Aviv on film, with the help of Efrat Feldman, a Yad LaYeled guide and relative of Adina and Yankele. His testimony will feature in the collection of testimonies from the month of April.


The testimony of Holocaust survivor Shoshana Shiloni is currently being edited. Shoshana hid in the attic of a cowshed during the war, and her testimony will therefore be displayed in the central exhibit together with the testimonies of Felix Zandman and Leila Hundert-Kravitz.
Shoshana’s story was featured for the first time on Rishon LeZion’s community TV channel in a short (10-minute) film for children entitled “Almost My Age.”


Upgrade of audio-visual equiptment 
Thanks to the generous donation by the French Friends of Yad LaYeled, we have replaced the audio-visual equipment in the Korczak exhibition and uploaded our films onto a digital media player, making the use of CDs and DVDs redundant. We have also upgraded the Hall of the Eternal Flame and placed media players, alongside testimonial films, in the exhibition “Here Began My Childhood.” The media players will replace the remote controls and offer subtitles in English.

Another important improvement for visitors is the installation of an “Easyguide” in Hebrew and in English for the exhibition “Here Began My Childhood.”


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