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The Annual Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day National Assembly 2016

The Annual Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day National Assembly, took place, like every year, on Memorial Day evening (May 5), at the museum's amphitheatre, in the presence of the president of Israel, Reuven (Ruvi) Rivlin, as well as Holocaust survivors and their families from around the country, members of the Ghetto Fighters' Kibbutz (Lohamei Hagetaot), residents of the Western Galilee, soldiers and youth movement members and the general public.

This year the ceremony marked the 20th anniversary of Yad Layeled Children's Memorial Museum and presented the stories of Jewish children who lived during the Holocaust. The ceremony centered on the personal stories of the six torch lighters – Yaakov Lavi, Professor Dori Laub, Amira Getzov, Uri Orlev, Aaron Tesler and Yossi Peled – child survivors that raised families and built meaningful lives in Israel, and now are grandmothers and grandfathers with grandchildren and great grandchildren.

The wreath in honor of the Righteous Among the Nations was placed by the Modesta Baranek, who saved Chaim Baranek, an escapee from a forced labor camp near her home who became her husband after the war. The fighters were represented by Dr. Yitzhak Arad (Tulka). The artist Yaakov Guterman added his talent to the event and gave testimony about his childhood during the Holocaust.


Album of the Holocaust Remembrance Ceremony

Biographies of the Torch Lighters

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