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Marking the 20th Anniversay of Partnership2Gether

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Partnership2Gether (previous known as Partnership 2000). Partnership2gether (P2G) is a unique initiative pairing 550 Jewish communities throughout the world with 45 communities in Israel. The Western Galilee – US Central Area Consortium – Budapest partnership (13 U.S. Jewish Federation communities), is made up of an inclusive and active network of people focused on the mutual exchange of ideas and programs with the goal of developing relationships to strengthen our global Jewish Identity. 

Over the past 20 years, the Ghetto Fighters' House and the Western Galilee – Central Area Consortium Partnership have maintained a long and active connection. There have been many youth and professional delegations on a regular basis, including teacher and artist seminars, participation in academic conferences as well as tours for members of the community that visit the area and are interested in learning about the museum and its educational activities. Representatives from the museum have visited most of the communities, providing yet another opportunity to bring the special GFH philosophy and pedagogy to our Partnership communities. 

In the past, we have developed projects together, such as the Bar Mitzvah Program, the International Reading Project, and the Tri-Wizard Program via the Center for Humanistic Education that brought students from Israeli (both Jewish and Arab) schools and an American public school together for an intercultural dialogue about awareness and acceptance. Recently, a special program was created in 2014 for the Mega Mission (with over 100 members of the communities) and the dancers of the Austin Ballet that came to Israel to perform “Light: Holocaust and Humanity” during Sukkot. Many of these collaborations were pioneering and in the forefront of Holocaust education and commemoration.

The Ghetto Fighters' House Museum was happy to have an opportunity to host the Consortium delegation that arrived in Israel in March to help celebrate the 20 year collaboration between Israel and the communities in the Central Area Consortium. The delegation had the opportunity to discover the museum's exhibitions with two guides who are also volunteers in the Partnership. 

We are looking forward to the next 20 years of joint projects and activities.   


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