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Farewell Event for Poria Lichi

In May the Ghetto Fighters' House and Yad Layeled staff held a farewell event for Poria Lichi. Throughout the years, Poria had many responsibilities at the museum. She started working 20 years ago and was involved in the opening of the children's museum, Yad Layeled and helped lay the foundation for the educational program for young visitors about the Holocaust, as well as teacher kits. She was responsible for training the museum's educational staff and developed activities and workshops. Poria also directed the Education and Guide Department of the Ghetto Fighters' House and was one of the creators of the International Reading Project. As well, she has facilitated a number of yearly professional development courses for Kindergarten and Primary School teachers that dealt with the question "How do we teach young children about the Holocaust. In recent years, Poria was also the curator of a new rotating exhibition "Here Began My Childhood", now on display at Yad Layeled.

Longtime colleague Tzippi Tal spoke about Lichi's contribution to Yad Layeled, "…20 years ago you were asked to help lay the foundation for the educational concept of Yad Layeled and to establish the appropriate way to introduce young children to the subject of the Holocaust…what is unique about you is your ability to incorporate different disciplines and use them as educational tools…you lead one of the most important projects that the museum advanced was the International Reading Project, a new and innovative project that expanded the borders of the museum to schools throughout Israel and America and created a model for educators for a multi-cultural dialogue through the internet…". 

Tsppi Naveh, Director of the Professional Development Department, had these words to say: "For more than 10 years you taught courses for teachers who received a lot more than the Holocaust – psychology, children's literature, art and didactics - and there were more and more requests for more courses… in your special way, you succeeded in creating a new course every year, intriguing and multi-disciplinary… I want to thank you for our years of collaboration. It was a pleasure to work with you, to learn and develop with you and to prepare together generations of educators…"

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