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"A Hundred Times Better to be a Child"

Yad Layeled at the Ghetto Fighters' House Museum introduces a new play: "A Hundred Times Better to be a Child". The play tells the story of Janusz Korczak through the eyes of two characters: a child from Korczak's orphanage and Stefa Wilczyńska, an educator who was Korczak's counterpart in running the orphanage and in implementing educational responsibilities. 

The play, which is produced and directed by staff member, Hava Cohen, is performed in the Korczak exhibition, inviting a dialogue with the five displays in the room that deal with Korczak's life and work. The characters come to life, telling the audience about events in the orphanage during different periods that present educational and humanistic issues. Each display turns into a human story that develops in front of the audience and presents a broader perspective on the world in which the children in the orphanage lived and raises questions and dilemmas, as well as educational and moral issues that are still relevant to today's audiences.

The play is made accessible and adapted to different age groups, allowing viewers to clarify the inner dialogue on questions such as "who am I as a person?" or "who am I as an educator?"

Janusz Korczak is the pen name for Henryk Goldschmidt – doctor, educator, pedagogic philosopher, author, publicist and Polish-Jewish social activist. Korczak was a pioneering activist for children's rights and equality for children. He ran the Jewish orphanage in Warsaw from 1912, where he was able to implement his educational outlook. During WWII, the orphanage moved to the ghetto. Korczak was sent to Treblinka together with the children and the staff in 1942.



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