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“Appointment in Samarra: The Diary of a Jew in Hiding in Warsaw”

Three months ago, the book “Appointment in Samarra: The Diary of a Jew in Hiding in Warsaw” was published. It is based on the diary of Sewek Okonowski, a resident of Warsaw who lived in hiding in the city during the Warsaw Uprising and after it. Okonowski eloquently unfolds his experiences and his ongoing struggle with the loneliness, the hunger and his longings for his family.

On May 30, 1943, Okonowski wrote the following:
"If I had known then that there is nothing I would be able do for you except for the numerous and tireless yet ultimately futile efforts, only to find myself two weeks later facing the horrible certainty that you left the hideout and given yourself up to the oppressors. Then, on Friday three weeks ago, you were surely all there: If I had known then… for the very thought of dying together with all of you always brought with it such serenity - so much so that I was afraid of parting with you, Daska, my beloved, whom I adore as a friend, a wife, a lover. Where are you on this cold, cloudy and gloomy twilight hour? It is I, your Sewek, alone. Lonely.”

The book is forthcoming from the Ghetto Fighters' House press, Moreshet – Mordechai Anielevich Memorial and the Okanowski family.

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