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Michael Goldman-Gilad’s visit to the museum // June 2017

Michael Goldman-Gilad, a Holocaust survivor and one of the chief interrogators of Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann after his capture, visited the Ghetto Fighters’ House last month. His personal story inspired the title of the film “The 81st Blow”.

After the establishment of the State of Israel, he immigrated to Israel, settling in Tel Aviv, and enlisted in the police. In 1960, following Adolf Eichmann's arrest, he was attached as an Investigation Officer to Bureau 06 – a special unit set up within the police to conduct the investigation. He also served as personal aid to Gideon Hausner, Attorney General, who headed the prosecution.
Michael spoke with the students of the course for guides of school delegations to Poland about the background of the Eichmann trial and its significance in the eyes of the Israeli authorities and the public in those years. He described the attempt to do justice during the interrogation that sought to discover the truth about the extermination of European Jewry, expose the incriminating evidence and exercise the full rigor of the law with Eichmann.

Goldman is an old friend of the Ghetto Fighters’ House and we wish him good health and many more productive years.

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