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The Second Generation Speaks and Remembers – A series of meetings

Authors from various fields shared memories from their parents' homes and how they influenced their work. The meetings focused on the troubles of the second generation, the outcomes of the prolonged coping with the first generation's trauma, which shaped its lives in many ways. We discussed the second generation's ways of coping with the trauma through creation and humor.

Nava Semel
discussed the making of the film "Lost Relatives" (Screenplay: Nava Semel; Director: Yahli Bergman), a television drama set in Israel in 1949, which tells the story of two families of Holocaust survivors trying to return to normal life and meet thanks to the "Lost Relatives" radio program.

Dr. Rafi Kishon
discussed his father, Ferenc Hoffmann, a Holocaust survivor who became Efraim Kishon in Israel. Using the reputation he earned writing about Israel, with its immigrant absorption and its diverse population, Kishon returned to Europe as a victor and defended his young country fighting for its existence against antisemitism.

Michel Kichka
discussed his coping with the Holocaust through graphics and addressed the Holocaust in graphic novels. He talked about his second book, "Second Generation", an autobiographical graphic novel about coming of age in a Holocaust-traumatized family in Belgium.

The filmmaker Leora Eisenstein presented her film "Chicken Soup With Knives". She talked about her journey with her sister to Lvov in search of her family property and the attempt to find out what it is exactly she was looking for, and about her complicated relationship with her mother, a Holocaust survivor.

Savyon Liebrecht
, a writer and playwright, shared her creative process. She discussed her television drama "Deadline" (1989), a groundbreaking work on the second generation, through her short stories and her current writing.

We look forward to further activities and events next year.

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