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Past Exhibitions

Elsa Pollak –"Auschwitz 5170" (Sculpture)

The sculptures in this exhibition tell of the artist’s memories, as the tattooed number of an Auschwitz inmate is etched in her soul.

Max (Meier) Bueno de Mesquita – "Butterflies in Auschwitz" (Paintings)

"Butterflies in Auschwitz” includes some 30 of the artist’s oil paintings, most produced while he was undergoing an innovative psychiatric treatment for sufferers of “Camp Survivor Syndrome,” that involved the use of LSD. These works portray in a special artistic language, with vivid colors, somewhat nightmarish, and with a wealth of symbols, what cannot be expressed in words.

“Black-and-White Forest: Two Journeys to Treblinka”

This exhibition contains photographs taken by Ariel Yannay in the forests near the murder sites and a dialogue between Yannay and Chavka Folman-Raban. The exhibition deals with the meaning of the journey and the ability of photography to provide evidence and serve as a channel for memory.

"Closest to the Truth..." - Terezin Cartoonist Erich Lichtblau-Leskly (Closed)

Though the exhibition has been taken down, you can still take a peek at the satirical views of artist Erich Lichtblau-Leskly, a ghetto artist with an eye for humor, whose caricatures from within the Terezin (Theresienstadt) ghetto depict his fellow inmates and himself in scenes from their way of life.

"Boarding Pass to Paradise"

In the traveling exhibit, the life-stories of Peretz Beda Mayer and Fritz Haendel are illustrated with their remarkable art. Jewish wanderings and fates, spiritual perseverance and adhering to cultural values amidst genocide and pain – these are the focal points of the exhibit's ideology.

"Art = Remembrance" ― Artists During the Holocaust

The art exhibition "Art = Remembrance" presents the wealth of artistic activity during the Holocaust period, and sheds light on the lives of the incarcerated. These artworks are historical documents, of whose significance as testimony the artists themselves were the first to be aware. The exhibition includes 70 artworks made under conditions of extreme privation: in ghettos, hiding places, and camps, and by partisans fighting in the field.

“In the Realms of Memory”

The exhibition “In the Realms of Memory” is a conceptual and design realization that attempts to examine the significances of human memory and the human image. Behind the artifacts and documents that have been collected and preserved in the Archives of the Ghetto Fighters’ House, lie the compelling stories of individuals.

“Jewish Youth Before the Holocaust”

This exhibition presents the Jewish youth who were organized in the framework of pioneering youth movements, and represents the dedication to Jewish renewal through immigration to the Land of Israel and Zionist settlement. It poses the dilemma facing these youth who sought a way out of the old Jewish world that was in the process of breaking down.

“Olkieniki – a Jewish community on the Eve of the Holocaust"

This exhibition is devoted to the “shtetl” – the Jewish small town of Eastern Europe. The presentation of daily life in the shtetl is organized according to themes, represented by means of maps, models, and photographs. Rather than a chronological narrative; the presentation depicts the shtetl’s social history, material culture, tradition, and ways of life.