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The Artifacts Collection

Objects have a voice; they tell a story.

Thousands of artifacts are preserved in the GFH Archives. Some serve as testimony to the life of Jewish communities and their cultural wealth in the days that preceded the Second World War.

The majority of the items in the collection tell of the Holocaust period, and through them it’s possible to learn about the life of Jews in the ghettos, the mass extermination, as well as survival, rescue, and mutual aid, acts of spiritual resistance and fighting the Nazis. There are objects accompanied by a personal story that turns them into historical witnesses, and there are anonymous objects collected on the grounds of extermination camps.

Other objects tell the stories of survivors at the moment of their liberation, of their time of recovery and rehabilitation in the postwar DP camps, on the clandestine paths across the borders of Europe in attempts to emigrate, while languishing in detention camps on Cyprus and in starting their renewed lives.

Some 400 items from the Artifacts Collection are displayed in the “Yizkor” Hall exhibition. Behind smoked glass walls are the treasures of the Ghetto Fighters’ House Archives. Visitors to the exhibition are exposed to the artifacts in the glass-fronted drawers and to the stories they have to tell.