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More About Our Facilitators

Shirin Elias: Group facilitator at the Center since 1999, has a B.Ed. from the Arab College for Education in Haifa. She is a dramatherapist and teacher.

Fadi Abu Younis: Group dialogue facilitator since 1998, he’s worked at the Center since 2007. He is a political and social activist for peace and equality.

Yaelah Mazor: Group facilitator for social change and dialogue since 2002. A certified art and Bible teacher, she is completing a master’s degree in society and the arts. In addition to the Center, she also works at the Sikkuy association, promoting civic equality. She is a member of Kibbutz Hanaton, where she lives with her partner and their two children.

Hanan Haddad: Lecturer and group facilitator on issues combining emotion and social behavior, with an emphasis on gender issues, domestic violence, the status of Arab women in Israel, preparation for the world of academia and the workplace, decision-making, power dynamics, and the relationship between empowerment and identity. She also works in multicultural group dialogue facilitation. She holds a BA in social studies and lives in Jish (Gush Halav).

Fidaa’ Zidan- A graduate of Haifa University’s social theater studies program. She has experience in conducting acting and movement workshops. She is a group dialogue facilitator, group facilitator, and stage actress. She lives in Haifa.

Rahwan Fodi: She has a B.Sc. from 2012 as well as a teaching certificate. A group facilitator for multicultural dialogue, she lives in Acre.

Administrative staff:

Rucha Hattan-Soncino
: She has worked at the Center since 2009. Her work includes communication and marketing management with external groups and foreign officials. She has a B.A. in social sciences. She’s married and a mother of two. She lives in Nahariya.

Rahwan Fodi– She has worked at the Center since 2012 and lives in Acre.

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