Location and Parking


The Ghetto Fighters’ House is located on the Coast Highway (Route #4) between Akko and Nahariya.

Public transportation:

By bus : (No. 271 local, Haifa-Mercazit ha-Mifratz to Nahariya) or "sherut" (taxi-van) – to the stop opposite the Ghetto Fighters' House ("Beit Lohamei Haghetaot").


By train:  Northbound trains to the Akko station; continue from there on the Coast Road by bus or taxi – both leave regularly from the "Egged" station, approximately a five minute walk from the train station.


Address:D. N. Western Galilee25220

Telephone: +972 – (0)4 – 9958080     

Fax: +972 – (0)4 – 9958007




The museum has two parking lots with designated handicap parking spaces.

One parking lot is located next to the Ghetto Fighters' House Museum and the second is located near Yad Layeled Children's Holocaust Memorial Museum.