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Educational Materials

Educational materials produced by the Ghetto Fighters’ House are available for purchase. For teachers and planners of courses, workshops, programs, ceremonies, and exhibitions.
For details and ordering: shop@gfh.org.il


Janusz Korczak

This kit includes a set of 20 color placards, a booklet of resource texts from Korczak’s writings, and an Instructor’s Guide with suggested activities. In Hebrew, English, German, Spanish, Russian or Arabic.
May be used in conjunction with the videocassette, “Korczak of the Children.”

Itzhak Katzenelson: Zionist Educator Between Lodz and Warsaw – Educational activi

The kit presents the life story of Itzhak Katzenelson, poet and educator, and offers an experiential encounter with the world of Jewish children and teenagers in Poland, in the days of its flourishing and through its extermination. In Hebrew or Russian.

Kites of Dreams

This kit includes a "Kites of Hope" reader that can be adapted to a class, parent-student or community activity, as well as an activity guide. The kit also contains a collection of postcards that are facsimiles of the postcards that Korczak used to give the orphans.

“Korczak of the Children” – Videocassette or DVD with activity guide

This documentary film is based on the testimonies of three “Korczak children” and an educator-trainee on the staff of Korczak’s orphanage, who offer memories of their youth amid the Polish landscape and in the orphanage. Available in Hebrew, English and Russian. Length: 30 minutes.
The accompanying booklet includes: text excerpts, reference to resources by and about Korczak, biographical notes, and suggestions for activities.

“Four Stories of Hiding and Rescue: Children’s Testimonies of the Holocaust” – Video with instructor

The encounter with the story of a survivor’s childhood transforms the testimony into an absorbing historical document. The dynamic quality of the video presentation serves to elevate the level of involvement and identification on the part of the young listener.
The package includes four videotaped testimonies (approx. 7 minutes each), accompanied by a printed Instructor’s Guide (in Hebrew or English).

They Are Still With Me

This is Havka Folman Raban's first-person testimony that tells the story of a girl who grew into a woman during the war. One of the founders of the Ghetto Fighters' House, she has gained the right to tel the story of her life, testimony to what remains essential: her home, her childhood, her youthful loves, her family that perished and her friends who fought and resisited.

Without a Single Case of Death: Stories from Kibbutz Lohamei Haghetaot

This book, written by Dror Burstein, attempts to describe a harsh and complex reality, human and historical, as a fabric woven of individual destinies that ultimately merged in establishing Kibbutz Lohamei Haghetaot and the Ghetto Fighters' House, the first museum to deal with comemoration of the Holocaust. The book accompanies a new permanent exhibition in the museum: "House of Testimony".

Beneath the Starry Sky: Melodies of Remembrance” – Audio CD

This CD is a collection of songs and spoken texts taken from fifty years of Holocaust Remembrance Day programs at the Ghetto Fighters’ House.

“Traces of Humanity: Jewish Resistance During the Holocaust” – Educational kit

Presents various manifestations of Jewish resistance during the Holocaust, focusing on the individual’s struggle to maintain human dignity. Includes a unit on “Art as Spiritual Resistance,” presenting artworks created during the Holocaust. Available in Hebrew and English

“Dreams Within the Walls” – Educational Kit for Elementary and Middle Schools

The world of the Jewish child in the Holocaust is revealed as reflected in diaries from that period, and survivors’ testimonies. The presentation invites study and creative activities. Available in Hebrew and English

“Brave and Desperate: the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising” – Book

“Brave and Desperate” – a unique, gripping, and informative album of photos, documents, testimony, and narrative. 208 pages.

Coming of Age During the Holocaust, Coming of Age Now

This curriculum, which was created together with the Museum of Jewish Heritage, contains a library of 13 stories of survivors who came of age during the Holocaust. Seven stories revolve around survivors who arrived in the United States after the war. Five stories concentrate on the story of Holocaust survivors who became the founding members of Kibbutz Lohamei Haghetaot. One story focuses on a teenage girl growing up in Eretz Israel (The Land of Israel) during World War II.