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“Brave and Desperate: the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising” – Book

The tragic story of Warsaw Jewry from the conquest of the city by the German army to the total destruction of the ghetto. The book depicts life inside the ghetto: the harsh decrees, starvation, the murders, and deportation to the death camps.

In the midst of all this, courageous young people formed the core of underground resistance, and led the uprising against the Nazis.


Brave and Desperate is the story of the uprising’s heroes: young men and women, combatants, saboteurs, and liaison couriers, who chose to take a stand, armed only with pistols and Molotov cocktails, against the heavily armed and well-trained SS and German army troops.


Brave and Desperate is a unique, gripping, and informative volume. Its 208 pages contain hundreds of photographs, quotes, and testimonies, documenting one of the most anguished and heroic chapters in the history of the Jewish people.


Brave and Desperate was compiled at the initiative of the postwar “Second Generation,” the offspring of Holocaust survivors, in cooperation with the Ghetto Fighters’ House. Issued for the 60th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.


Written by Ilan Kfir, Danny Dor, and Chava Biran; foreword by Dr. Michael Berenbaum.


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