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Additional Activities

People and Landscapes of the Western Galilee
An activity for Bar/Bat Mitzvah children and their families, at Yad LaYeled and sites in the Western Galilee.

 "We Became Guests in the Land Where We Were Born”
A joint activity between Yad LaYeled and the Strauss Dairies, following the stories of Hilda and Richard Strauss.

Young Artists Creating at Yad LaYeled
Special workshops for high school art majors.

In the Footsteps of Journals and Testimonies from Holland
Combines activities in the Ghetto Fighters' House exhibition on Holland and inquiry-based activities based on the stories of Jewish children from Holland who lived during the Holocaust. This program can include a creative writing workshop based on the story of Nili Goren and the special artifact that received from her father while in hiding.

Activities for Summer Day Camps
Children spend a day at the Yad Layeled museum, visiting the main exhibition "The Jewish Child During the Holocaust", a well as "Korczak of the Children". This speical camp program concludes with creativity workshops and flying “Kites of Hope.” An addition to this program: visit to the kibbutz’s modern dairy and the Strauss dairy products factory.

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