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The Path of Music and Remembrance

The Path of Music and Remembrance

“There in the pit I heard music:  symphonies and concertos and sonnets…I discovered that I can play the music and hear the verses in my head…the smell and heat in the pit disappeared and Mendelssohn’s concerto for violin filled my mind.  I listened in my own private auditorium to every piece I knew”
                                                                                   (Felix Zandman) 

Yad Layeled would like to invite schools with a music program for a visit to the museum with a focus on music during the Holocaust:
The program begins with a tour of the exhibition “The Jewish Child During the Holocaust”, opening with the story of Antek Zukerman who met a student who wanted to learn how to play violin in the ghetto.  The tour continues with a look at children’s drawings from the Terezin Ghetto and the audio testimonies of children who long for the musical instruments that were taken away from them.  We will stop in front of a video that shows the outbreak of the war and people trying to save their musical instruments from the ruins.  We will listen to Felix Zandman’s testimony on music that played in his head while hiding in a pit and we will hear the story of the authentic violin that was placed in the museum thanks to Amnon Weinstein, a violin restorer.
In the “Korczak of the Children” exhibit we will tell the story of the musical activities at the orphanage run by Janusz Korczak.
The program continues with a visit to the new exhibition “Notes of Life” that tells the story of five young children who played the violin and how the instruments’ chords were a source of physical and spiritual existence in a time of fracture and destruction.  Afterwards, two monologues based on the exhibit will be performed.
After the tour, we recommend workshop activities, choosing one or more in accordance with the tour schedule.  Each workshop will include listening to a musical selection, a discussion and art activity (either music or plastic art).
The recommended workshops:
Listening to a musical piece written during the Holocaust – Fandrich
Listening to songs from the album “Ash and Dust” by Yehuda Poliker, son of Holocaust survivors
Listening to the songs of Abramik, a teenage boy from the Lodz Ghetto who perished in the Holocaust, and whose poems were set to music by the Working and Learning Youth Movement
Listen to a disc of songs, “Under the Brilliance of the Stars in the Sky”, written before the Holocaust that were sung in Jewish communities and are now played at Holocaust remembrance ceremonies
For more information on the program or to resere a visit:

Michal Selek
04-9958044/46 | michals@gfh.org.il 


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