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Ghetto Fighters' House Newsletter No. 12 February 2016

Ghetto Fighters' House Newsletter | No. 12 | February 2016 


The GFH Friends
Winter Conference

in recognition of the
International Holocaust Remembrance Day:

The Long Shadow of History: 
Refugees and Immigration,
Then and Now

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The Ghetto Fighters' House, in cooperation with the
Faculty of Medicine of the Technion, hosted a seminar:

"Deadly Medicine:  German Doctors during the
Nazi Regime"

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Daffodil Project at Yad Layeled

Sar-El volunteers visited the Ghetto Fighters’ Museum in December. Besides a tour of the museum, the group had a daffodil planting ceremony, which was organized by representatives of VFI (Volunteers for Israel) , which is located in Atlanta.

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Holocaust Related Internship at the
Ghetto Fighters’ House Museum

Students from the University of Haifa MA Holocaust Studies Program are participating in a new internship at the GFH. They will be responsible for preparing texts and short picture presentations for a number of artifacts from the museum's archives. These artifacts will then be displayed in the museum.  

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Spanish Desk's Winter Activities

A wave of Spanish speakers visited the Ghetto Fighters' House during the winter. During the months of January and February, visitors left behind the warm weather of the Latin American summer to come to the low temperatures of the Israeli winter, hoping to get to know our country.

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Save the Dates

Holocaust Memorial Assembly - May 5, 2016 - "The Holocaust in the Eyes of Child Survivors", marking the 20th anniversary of Yad Layeled

Between the Sirens - May 9, 2016 - One day seminar on: "The Question of Survivors Being Silent and Being Silenced"

International Conference - May 23-24, 20126- in conjunction with the University of Haifa, marking the 70th anniversary of the Nuremberg Trials.  


The Ghetto Fighters' House Administration
would like to thank the Azrieli Foundation for their support of the museum's educational activities

An enormous thank you to Kibbutz Lohamei Hagetaot.  Recently the museum received an additional donation of 250,000 NIS.  This donation completes the kibbutz's commitment to award 500,000 NIS in 2015, for the purpose of promoting activities in the museum.  We admire and appreciate this donation.


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