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Ghetto Fighters' House Newsletter No. 4 April 2013

Ghetto Fighters' House | Newsletter No. 4 | April 2013


From the Desk of the General Director


Dear friends of the Ghetto Fighters’ House,
The most important events this year in the Ghetto Fighters’ House cultural and educational activities are those marking 70 years to the uprisings in the Warsaw Ghetto and other ghettos and camps. We are currently at the height of this project – the ceremony that concludes Holocaust Memorial Day and the two evening programs open to the public on April 10 and 11, between Holocaust Day and Israeli Fallen Soldiers Remembrance Day. The ceremony will be devoted to the memory of the Holocaust and the uprising, while the evenings “Between the Sirens” will be devoted to the meaning of the Warsaw Ghetto in Israeli society and to Israel’s soldiers. We will talk, listen, and ask questions about the myth and how it has undergone change.  Read more

Events and Conferences Marking the 70th Anniversary
of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Marking 70 years to the uprising, we offered several unique programs that grappled with the nature of the uprising, examining its role in the consciousness of Israeli society for soldiers and, in particular, for the commanders. This past month, a special atmosphere prevailed: Every few days, the auditorium or conference room was prepared to welcome VIPs from the IDF Senior Command Staff for a study day sponsored by a general or bureau chief, whose name, of course, cannot be disclosed.  For more information


"A Flower for a Survivor" Project
Prepares Over 6,000 Soldiers at the GFH

For the eighth year consecutive year,  “A Flower for a Survivor”, a project initiated by the Ghetto Fighters’ House and the Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Victims in Israel has been a moving success. The project began modestly in 2005 as “The IDF Salutes Holocaust Survivors in Israel” in which soldiers visited survivors.  Since the first program, the project has grown considerably, and now 20,000 Holocaust survivors are visited by soldiers. Ghetto Fighters’ House assists with the preparation of soldiers for this activity.  Read more


New Teacher Kit
on the Role of the Jewish Youth Movements
During the Holocaust

On the 70th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, the Ghetto Fighters’ House Museum is offering an educational program in Hebrew that tells the story of this revolt – the circumstances, the people involved, and its historical, human, and moral significance. The program is available for free download on the Ghetto Fighters’ House Hebrew website.
For more information


Book Release: Wind of Sorrow:  In the Footsteps of Yitzhak Katzenelson

Wind of Sorrow was written in order to restore Yitzhak Katzenelson to the literary and educational discourse of contemporary Israel, to provide a fresh reading of his poems and essays, and to confirm the decisions of the founders of Ghetto Fighters’ House to name the museum after him. The book contains previously unpublished letters from the archive of Ghetto Fighters’ House written by Katzenelson to his friends – the writer Yosef Haim Brenner, movement activist Yitzhak Tabenkin (who was also his cousin), the writer and editor Menachem Poznanski, and of course members of his own family.  Read more

Ghetto Fighters' House in the News

The Web site, “Coming of Age Now, Coming of Age in the Holocaust,” is featured Robin Pogrebin's article on the importance of first hand testimony in learning about the Holocaust. Read more
In Ha'aretz a very unique diary written by a group of Jewish Zionist teenagers from Warsaw in 1929 is presented in this article by Ofer Aderet.  The diary was donated to the GFH archives by Esti Kuszmierz, the daughter of one of the young girls who wrote in this colorful group diary, Bracha, a Holocasut survivor who escaped the Warsaw ghetto after the uprising in 1943.  The special notebook was given as a present to one of the girls' counselors who made Aliya to Israel before the outbreak of WWII and later given to Bracha, who also made Aliaya.  Read the full article

Artwork From the Estate of Leon Engelsberg
Now on Permanent Dispaly

Last year 16 pieces from the estate of the artist Leon Engelsberg, a Holocaust survivor, were added to the Ghetto Fighters' House art archives.  The piece The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Monument during its Construction (1947) is now on permanent display in the main entrance of the museum.  Read more

The GFH Library: 
Serving a Diverse Population of Students and Researchers

The Ghetto Fighters’ House library holds some 60,000 titles related to Jews during the Second World War, the Jewish community that was wiped out, and Holocaust survivors. As part of its mission to transmit knowledge to future generations, the library encourages visits by individuals and groups (with prior coordination). Visitors to the library arrive to find tables stacked high with camera-ready materials, research, and testimonies prepared for their visit based on the topics requested.  For more information

From the Archive:
a Less Familiar Aspect of
Jewish Resistance during the Holocaust

In a research conference in mid-March sponsored jointly by Western Galilee College, Yad Vashem, and Ghetto Fighters’ House, a new and less familiar aspect of Jewish resistance during the Holocaust was presented. To read more

The Center for Humanistic Education: 
Increase in Teacher Seminar Participants

Over the last two years, the in-service training courses for teachers have expanded in subject areas as well as number of participants. Some 160 teachers have taken the new courses offered by the Center for Humanistic Education (CHE).  To Read more

Special Ceremony:
Henri Wermus and Family Members
Dedicate Memorial Placque
in Yizkor Hall

On March 4, 2013, the Ghetto Fighters’ House Museum was honored to dedicate a plaque in the Yizkor Hall for the Henri Wermus family of Switzerland.  Having lost many family members from Warsaw during the war, Henri contacted the GFH because of the family’s connection to the city.  After a year-long effort initiated by Wermus' grandson, the family gathered in the Yizkor Hall for the unvealing of the memorial placque and to hear Henri's testimony. To read more

From Yad Layeled


In Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the Opening of Korczak's Orphanage - Bar Mitzvah Activity for Children in the Kadima Homes

On 19 March, twenty-five youth – Jewish, Arab, and the children of migrant workers – visited Yad LaYeled from three Kadima children’s homes – in Yavne, Ramle, and the Shapira neighborhood of Tel Aviv. The program, which was developed at Yad LaYeled,  highlights the 100th anniversary of the orphanage established by Janusz Korczak. To read more


"Dancing Your LIfe"

Yad LaYeled is launching a new program, “Dancing Your Life”, created in cooperation with the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company. The program includes a visit to the Museum, focusing on the stories and memories behind the items on display, and a guided tour of Dance Village with a performance by the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company. To read more


The Israeli Friends of the GFH:  Journey to Poland 2013



Ghetto Fighters’ House invites you to a unique experience – a once-in-a-lifetime historical journey through the material and spiritual world of the Jewish community in Poland across the generations. A journey into the complexity of the human soul from ultimate evil to compassion, aid, generosity, and uplifting of the spirit. This journey is for members of the Friends’ Associations, teachers, students, and others interested in these subjects. Family members may join.
For more information

Upcoming Events at the Ghetto Fighters' House


Monday, April 8, 2013, at 19:45
in the Amphitheatre of the Ghetto Fighters’ House

Flames in the Ashes

MK Yair Lapid
, Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister
Ophir Paz-Pinas, Chairman, Governing Council of the Ghetto Fighters' House
Dr. Anat Livne, Director of the Ghetto Fighters' House

“Yizkor” memorial
Torch lighting

Laying of commemorative wreath honoring
the “Righteous Among the Nations”
Artistic presentation
Video screening
Personal testimonies

The public is invited to arrive by 19:00
(Warm clothing advised; no weapons allowed)

On Yom Ha-Shoah, the museums are open to the public
between 9:00 and 18:00
(no entrance fee)


"Between Yom Hashoah and Yom Hatzma'ut" Discussion Series

On April 10th and 11th the Ghetto Fighters' House will host for the second year the "Between Yom Hashoah and Yom Hatzma'ut" Discussion series.  This year,  in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and the 40th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War, the discussion series will revolve around the moral values that set in motion the Uprising and were in the conscious minds of the soldiers who faught in Israel's wars. For more information
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